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关于 Power 98 Retro

Power 98 Retro covers most of the genres that an online radio that intends to entertain its listeners should cover. 通过播放音乐界最热门的歌曲, 它已经流行起来. While Power 98 Raw focuses on current hits and trendy vibes, Power 98 Retro takes listeners back in time with a nostalgic mix of music from the 80s and 90s.


By tuning into Power 98 Retro, listeners will have access to various types of top-notch musical programs. Escape to the past with familiar favorites and forgotten gems from past decades. They play a diverse range of genres, 包括流行音乐, 舞蹈, 岩石, and alternative, ensuring something for everyone. Dive deeper into specific eras or genres with themed shows like "80s Anthems" or "90s Slow Jams." These shows feature Singaporean artists and music from the local scene of those decades, offering a more laid-back vibe compared to its "Raw" counterpart.


网站: 卡莫卡基斯.sg

语言: 英语

电子邮件: [email protected]

联系电话: +(65) 6373 1924

地址: Bukit Merah Central, 邮政信箱. 盒子 1315, 新加坡 911599

Power 98 Retro