About 973FM

973FM: Blasts That Last, featuring a small selection of alternative, indie, and local music mixed with current Top 40 singles. With hit music from the late 2000s to the present, our wide collection will also keep you going throughout the day.

More Information

973FM Blasts That Last is a Top 40 radio station based in Singapore. Known for its energetic and diverse playlist, it aims to play the latest hits. You'll hear current chart-toppers from various genres, including pop, rock, alternative, and even some EDM. This radio station supports local artists. 973FM champions Singaporean talent and regularly features indie, alternative, and music from local artists. This radio offers interactive programs. Several popular shows engage listeners, like The Midnight Wind-down, Acoustic Cafe, Alternative Arena, Deuce Radio Show, 973 in the Mix, and SMP.


Website: 973fm.weebly.com

Language: English

Email: [email protected]


97.3 MHz FM

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