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Barakath is a Tamil infotainment radio station playing inspiring Islamic religious content to uplift, educate, and entertain listeners. Their mission is to create and connect in educating society with positive Islamic values and radiating blessings for all.

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Barakath Radio offers an extensive range of programming that is both informative and entertaining, as well as inspiring and respectful of the diversity of its listeners. This radio vision is to strengthen their connection with the Muslim community in Singapore and beyond. This radio has a mission, which is to foster and cultivate a society that is educated in positive Islamic values, radiating blessings for all.


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Bahasa: Inggeris

E-mel: [email protected]

Nombor telefon: +65 84292816

Alamat: Primz Bizhub, 21 Woodlands Close (Singapura 737854)

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