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Symphony 924 Playing the best music on Singapore’s only classical music station, which also features a wide selection of crossover and movie soundtracks and the greatest orchestras and up-and-coming performers in the world.


Symphony 924, affectionately known as "The Home of Classical Music," is a long-standing institution in the Singaporean radio landscape. It was Singapore's first stereo station when it debuted in 1969 and has served as a devoted venue for orchestral music and the arts for more than 50 years. It was first known as FM Stereo, then Radio 5, and finally took on its current moniker in 1991. Symphony 924 FM plays a wide variety of classical music, including both modern and beloved baroque pieces. You can anticipate hearing internationally recognized orchestras, brilliant soloists, and magnificent chorales.


网站: symphony-924

语言: 英语

电子邮件: [email protected]

联系电话: +65 6691 1924

地址: Caldecott Broadcast Centre Andrew Road Singapore 299939


92.4 兆赫调频

Symphony 924